Custody forms + service forms landing page
Divorce forms + service forms landing page
Filing Office:
Indiana County Prothonotary’s Office
825 Philadelphia St. 1st Floor
Indiana, PA 15701
Hours of Operation:  8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Filing for a Divorce

Filing Fees:   $132 for a divorce complaint without custody and $35.50 for each
Additional Count.  $142 for a divorce complaint with custody and $35.50 for each additional Count.  The fees are subject to change and are payable at the Prothontary’s Office at the time of filing.  

Number of Copies:  You must file an original and two additional copies at the time of filing.
Information for Filing a Custody Case

The Filing Fee is $122.00 payable at the time of filing in the Prothonotary’s Office and is subject to change.

You must file an original and two copies of the Custody Complaint.


Indiana, Armstrong, Cambria, and Westmoreland Counties formed the Tenth Judicial District. The Honorable John Young, Greensburg, Westmoreland County, presided over the first term in December of 1806. Later, in 1874, the Legislature caused Indiana County to become a separate judicial district, the Fortieth Judicial District. In the fall of 1874, Judge John P. Blair was elected as judge and served until January, 1855. Since that time, the Court has rendered thousands of opinions and decisions having a direct impact on the citizens of Indiana County.

The Court of Common Pleas is a court of general jurisdiction hearing a wide variety of matters including, criminal cases, civil cases, family-law issues, estate matters, and juvenile court matters. Because the Court touches the lives of so many in so many ways, it is considered the cornerstone of the community. The Court of Common Pleas is proud of its work and the dedication of its employees. The Court is pleased to be able to provide the following information regarding Pennsylvania’s Fortieth Judicial District.


The Judges of the Court

The Honorable William J. Martin, President Judge
The Honorable Carol Hanna, Judge
The Honorable Thomas M. Bianco, Judge

Court StaffChild CustodyEntry of Appearance
 Child Custody Factors 
Law LibraryLocal Rules  - CriminalLocal Rules - Civil
Notice of Appeal from Summary Court ConvictionARD Application Form Motion for Continuance
Waiver of ArraignmentPWV PetitionRequest for Subpoena
Petition for Emergency CustodyState Wide Civil Cover SheetDUI & Plea Sentence form
In Forma Pauperis Petition-Civil In Forma Pauperis Petition-CriminalCustody-Affidavit of Criminal Activity
Court ADA Policy and Forms Colloguy For Plea of Guilty 
 Petition for Settlement of Prosecution 

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