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Bench Warrants

 The Sheriff's Office is responsible for all of the Bench Warrants issued by the Court of Common Pleas. Warrant service is one of the more dangerous functions of the Sheriff's Office. Safety is paramount and the safety of our deputy’s is a top priority in the services of bench warrants.

These include warrants issued for failure to appear in criminal cases, violation of probation or parole and PFA (Protection From Abuse) violations.

The Sheriffs Office is also responsible for the completion of fugitive from justice extraditions for Indiana County. When a fugitive is found outside the county, deputies are assigned the task of retrieving the fugitive and bringing them back to Indiana County. Our deputies log thousands of miles in a small fleet of vehicles each year to apprehend persons with outstanding bench warrants.

Your help is needed to apprehend persons with outstanding bench warrants. The warrant list below is accurate to the date and time as published. The warrant list is informative only. If you have any information on these individuals contact the Indiana County Sheriffs Office. Prior to taking action, validity must be confirmed by Indiana County Sheriff's Office.

We follow leads provided from county residents and local law enforcement agencies.

Please call in a tip to: 724-465-3930

Bench Warrant List

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