Top 10 Exciting Places to Visit in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2024

Fort Wayne, Indiana, is one of the most important pieces of US history and civilization. Established around a strategic war fort in 1794, it has grown from a small outpost into Indiana’s second-largest city, boasting a vibrant mix of old and modern architecture.

Today, Fort Wayne is a bustling hub of culture, history, and entertainment, offering an array of activities that cater to adventurers of all ages. Therefore, it is a place where tourists can find a plethora of sites that just wait to be visited.  Today, we want to shine a light on some of the best-known ones.

10. Fort Wayne Museum of Art

Fort Wayne Museum of Art

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art, evolving from a modest art school into a beacon of culture, stands as a testament to the city’s artistic spirit. Founded in 1921, the museum now showcases a diverse array of American decorative and fine art, offering visitors a glimpse into various national and ethnic backgrounds.


  • Entry Fee: $7 USD; Admission to the museum is free every Thursday from 5-8pm
  • Location: 311 E Main St, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802
  • Best Time to Visit: Visiting during regular hours (10:00 am – 06:00 pm.)

Its exhibitions, featuring everything from American cut glass to Indiana tourism, reflect the American life and creativity. The museum’s commitment to education is evident in its lending library, housing over 8,000 books on art and culture, making it a cornerstone of Fort Wayne’s cultural landscape.

9. Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

Regarded as one of the country’s best, the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo offers an immersive experience into the animal kingdom. With over 1,100 animals from habitats around the globe, the zoo provides a platform for education and fun.


  • Entry Fee: 0 – 1 (Free), 2 – 18 ($12.00), 19 – 61 ($16.00) 62+ ($14.00)
  • Location: 3411 Sherman Blvd, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808
  • Best Time to Visit: Mornings or weekdays are usually less crowded

Visitors can enjoy train rides, interact with farm animals, and marvel at the aquatic life in the zoo’s aquarium. The zoo’s commitment to conservation and education, combined with its array of activities, makes it a must-visit for families seeking a day filled with discovery and adventure.

8. Parkview Field


Parkview Field, a cornerstone of Fort Wayne’s community, offers more than just baseball games. As a modern multi-use ballpark, it hosts a variety of events, from concerts to weddings, drawing crowds with its vibrant atmosphere.


  • Entry Fee: Depends on the event
  • Location: 1301 Ewing Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802
  • Capacity: 6,516 (Fixed seats) and 9,266 (Lawn and standing)

The field’s design and location have revitalized downtown Fort Wayne, making it a gathering place for sports fans and event-goers alike. Whether you’re cheering on the Fort Wayne TinCaps or enjoying a community event, Parkview Field embodies the city’s love for sports and social gatherings.

7. The Embassy Theatre

Embassy Theatre

The Embassy Theatre, a historic gem built in 1928, has transitioned from a movie palace to a center for performing arts. Hosting Broadway shows, concerts, and special events, the theatre offers a rich tapestry of entertainment options.


  • Entry Fee: Depends on the event
  • Location: 125 W Jefferson Blvd, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802
  • Capacity: 2,471 seats

Its 1,100-pipe Page theatre organ and grand architecture add to the allure, making it a cultural landmark in Fort Wayne. The Embassy Theatre’s diverse programming ensures that there’s something for everyone, from theatre enthusiasts to music lovers.

6. Lakeside Park & Rose Garden

Lakeside Rose Garden

Lakeside Park & Rose Garden serves as an urban oasis in Fort Wayne, offering scenic beauty and recreational activities. With its picturesque rose garden, playgrounds, and pavilions, the park is a popular destination for leisure and events.


  • Entry Fee: Free
  • Location: 1401 Lake Ave, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805
  • Best Time to Visit: Late Summer

Whether you’re strolling through the rose beds, enjoying a picnic, or participating in outdoor sports, Lakeside Park provides a serene backdrop for relaxation and community engagement.

5. Historic Fort Wayne

Historic Fort Wayne

Historic Fort Wayne offers a window into the city’s military past. Through educational programs and events, visitors can explore the fort’s history and its role in the Northwest Territory.


  • Entry Fee: 0 – 2 (Free), 3 – 17 ($5.00), 18 – 64 ($7.00), and 65+ ($5.00)
  • Location: 1201 Spy Run Ave, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805
  • Best Time to Visit: Mid morning after 10am due to less crowd

The site’s reenactments and interactive exhibits bring history to life, making it an educational and engaging experience for all ages.

4. Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory

Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory

The Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory, a lush indoor garden space, showcases over 1,200 plant species across various ecosystems.


  • Entry Fee: Adults($7), 3-17 ($5), and Age 2 & Under (Free)
  • Location: 1100 Calhoun St, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802
  • Best Time to Visit: During summer

With seasonal exhibitions and a commitment to horticultural education, the conservatory provides a tranquil escape from the urban hustle. Its design and maintenance by the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department ensure a vibrant and educational experience for visitors year-round.

3. Science Central

Science Central, an interactive museum with over 200 permanent exhibits, caters to the curious minds of all ages. From hands-on experiments to educational programs, the museum makes science accessible and fun.  Highlights:

  • Entry Fee:
Ticket Type At The Door Online
Children (2 & Under) Free Free
Children (3+) $12 $11
Adults $12 $11
Senior (65+) $11 $10
  • Location: 1950 N Clinton St, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805
  • Best Time to Visit: Between late September to mid/late October

Its dynamic exhibits cover a wide range of scientific topics, encouraging exploration and discovery in a family-friendly environment.

2. Allen County Public Library

Allen County Public Library

The Allen County Public Library, with its extensive collection of over 2.5 million items, serves as a cultural and educational hub.  Highlights:

  • Subscription Card: $87
  • Location: 900 Library Plaza, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802
  • Working Hours:
Day of the Week Opening Hours (Regular) Opening Hours (Summer)
Monday- Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Friday 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Sunday Noon – 5:00 p.m. Closed

Its large genealogy department and diverse programming, including interactive exhibits and educational events, make it a valuable resource for residents and visitors alike. The library’s commitment to accessibility and learning continues to enrich the Fort Wayne community.

1. Promenade Park

Promenade Park, a recent addition to Fort Wayne’s green spaces, offers a variety of outdoor activities along the city’s riverfront.  Highlights:

  • Working Hours: 6 AM – 11 PM
  • Location: 202 W Superior St, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802
  • Best Time to Visit: During summer months

From walking trails and a boardwalk to rock climbing and a splash pad, the park provides a recreational space for all ages. Its design and amenities encourage outdoor exploration and community gatherings, highlighting Fort Wayne’s commitment to enhancing its natural and urban landscapes.


What is the nickname for Fort Wayne?

Fort Wayne is often referred to as the “City of Churches” due to its large number of worship places.

What is the prettiest area in Indiana?

Brown County, especially during the fall season, is widely regarded as one of the prettiest areas in Indiana, known for its picturesque landscapes and Brown County State Park.

Is Fort Wayne, Indiana, an affordable place to live?

Yes, Fort Wayne is considered an affordable place to live, with a cost of living that is generally lower than the national average, making it an attractive location for many.

Does Fort Wayne have an airport?

Yes, Fort Wayne has an airport: Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA), which offers both domestic and limited international flights.

The Bottom Line

Fort Wayne, Indiana offers a diverse array of attractions that appeal to visitors of all ages.  From the artistic treasures of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art to the natural beauty of the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory, the city invites exploration and discovery.

Fort Wayne provides a welcoming and engaging environment for adventurers seeking to experience the heart of the Midwest.